Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Business Results


Conducting your business online is key to remaining competitive in todays lean economy. SSC makes it easy for you by providing high quality online business solutions. Delivering eCommerce portal systems, content management systems, and customer portals that exceed customers expectations are the cornerstones of every SCC online solution.

Streamlining business is an SSC core competency. Making day-to-day business processes more effective, efficient and productive by applying state-of-the-art technology is a driving goal at SSC. Practicing what we know about efficient business processes enables SSC to make our high quality service affordable.

Website Content Management


Website Content Management Systems (CMS or WCM) allows for business users to change website content quickly without requiring technical knowledge. Common features and functionality of WCM solutions include:

Website Branding

Professional 'look and feel' of each page on your website provides a solid business profile.

Menu Taxonomy

Easy navigating through the information on your website is essential to a quality user experience. SCC can assist you in suggesting logical ways to organize your information so that users can easily find what they need.

Content Migration

Relocating your current website text, images, forums, maps, etc. from an existing website into a more effective CMS avoids having to start all over from scratch.

Self Managed Content

Gone are the days of having to rely upon IT technical staff to update your website content. A key advantage to CMS is that it enables business users to update website content instantly, using intuitive word processor-like tools.


Allow your customers to register with your organization so that you can provide a higher level of targeted service. Newsletters and other communication can target your registered customers interested in doing business with your organization.

SSC specializes in understanding your business and tailoring a CMS that can meet your budget constraints. Contact SSC now for more information.


Technology Management


System Hosting

SSC solutions are hosted in highly secure network data centers that comply with stringent privacy and data protection standards.  These state-of-the-art data centers provide data protection, reliability, backup and restore capabilities in a very economical service. SSC hosted solutions provide a professional and reliable management of your business assets.


Business Portals


Internet website portals allow your customers and constituents to Login to a secured and private section of your website that is specifically used to do business with that customer.  Portal pages give you a rich repository of information that can be used to collaborate with your customers, partners or other business relationships. Common features of a portal include.

Web Content Management  (WCM)

Manage the content of your website with ease.  Refer to the WCM section on this page for detailed information.

Information Management System

Allow your customers to securely upload documentation, images and other files that can be shared with your customers. All files and other information are held in a safe and reliable repository.


Easy to use discussion forums enable customers to collaborate with your business users without having to schedule a specific meeting time.

Role Based Security

Secure login user name and passwords for accessing secure pages, files, and other features can be closely controlled using role based security. Administration of user accounts enables your business to control the use of your website. New customers can be setup to collaborate with your business in a matter of minutes. 

Rich Internet Applications

Experience the value of integrating your business data into rich internet applications (RIA). Data collection, editing and updating business data can be easily managed with a RIA. These state-of-the-art technologies can be leveraged to create informative 'dashboards' that graphically display your information to selected users.


Electronic commerce (eCommerce) can be easily integrated with your portal to create a secure, safe and dependable store front for selling products and services. Market your products world-wide, easily manage your own product catalog, and track your inventory and payments all through the intuitive interface of a portal.

Many more features are available to meet your business needs. Contact SSC for more information.




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