Thursday, February 22, 2018

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SoSoCo Project Process


C1. Setup


Setting up the essential Information Technology (IT) systems to execute the project will occur after project approval. Assignment of resources will be made and tasking will be assigned during this step.

C2. Development


Development of custom components of the system will be done only if there is not a suitable alternative. In many cases SSC can implement frameworks that do not require customization.

C3. Configuration


Systems are configured to integrate with the business processes. Migrating and loading of end user data is part of the configuration process.

C4. Staging


Preview of the completed work will be deployed to the Staging environment. This often times occurs in phases to get early feedback on the product prior to project completion.

C5. User Acceptance Testing


Presentation of the system to the stakeholders is performed after the project deliverables have been completed. System functionality is verified against the requirements defined in the planning process.

C6. Agreement


Verification of the functionality may result in changes to the system. Decisions will be made at the this point in the process to either launch the system into production or iterate back to planning system enhancements and fixes.

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